Who Are We?

Advantage Healthcare Services made the decision to take the concept of full service pharmacy to the next level for patient concentric attention and services. Our experience led us to observe what was missing in a standard pharmacy environment and we established a commitment to address the many facets of health that can encourage and inspire patients.

Our approach encompasses both the medical and the emotional support that can take a patient on the journey from medical application to improved lifestyle and wellness. Each of our locations works together to offer mainstream, holistic and integrative solutions for broad-spectrum access to both walk-in patients and those that we serve throughout Southern California.

The proactive attitude of attention and care allows us the opportunity to be with a patient during all aspects of their treatment and therapies. Our group works in tandem with a patient’s medical team to consult, observe and intervene when the need arises for complete collaborative healthcare.

We believe that full patient engagement not only elevates the potential for a patient to achieve their wellness goals, but through interaction can help to assure that they receive the attention that they require. Our caring, compassionate, bi-lingual staff embraces a more complete service attitude for:

Collaborative Healthcare

We establish an interactive communication level with a patient’s medical team as well as family members to assist in all aspects of treatment.

Adherence Solutions

Medication adherence has been shown to one of the top influences in patient recuperation. Advantage Healthcare Services has designed a sophisticated level of adherence programs to fit the lifestyle and needs of our patients. These approaches address the various intricacies involved in the critical requirements of medication customization for disease state management and help to achieve the touch points that can be the cause of non-adherence. Learn More


Our supportive service and patient advocate/liaison advocate team works closely with patients throughout Southern California to assist in many aspects of their medication requirements. Our efforts include a variety of personal patient needs: transportation, appointments, coordinating housing, connection to the crucial medical services and discharge assistance. We take care of the details so they can focus on their health. Learn More


Advantage Healthcare Services goes beyond just keeping a patient informed. Our educational seminars and support groups give patients an opportunity to achieve their wellness goals while receiving the most up-to-date information. Our team members are heavily involved sitting on various boards that relate to patient care, we organize as well as host community events on a variety of health topics, and we work diligently with industry partners in a continued pursuit to educate and bring new information to the forefront. Learn More


Our goal is to ensure that the patient can focus on their health improvement and we work as a team to take care of the insurance concerns. We accept all major insurance plans, and have incorporated additional services to include insurance gap assistance. Our well-trained authorization specialists is a staff that is well-versed in handling both (PA) prior authorizations and (TARS) treatment authorization requests to ensure consistency in patient care without delays.

Specialty Care

We tailor our services to meet the needs of patients with advanced disease states. We understand the multi-layered requirements that these patients have and include a holistic approach to accommodate medical and emotional support with integrative therapies. Learn More

We believe that our approach differentiates Advantage Healthcare Services and allows us to be a full pharmacy solution that embraces the varied requirements of today’s patients.

"The bedside delivery was an absolutely terrific service. It is so much better than having to stop at a pharmacy on your way home, especially when you or your loved one are not feeling well."

− Christi G., Patient

"Our entire team strongly believes in actively participating with all caregivers to achieve optimal clinical outcomes through drug adherence programs."

− Shekha Patel, Pharmacist

"Me fui del hospital con mis medicamentos y era muy fácil. Era una cosa menos de que preocuparme. Estoy muy agradecida con el servicio proporcionado por Advantage. Gracias."

− Maria R., Patient


Full Service Pharmacy ⋅ Compounding ⋅ OTC Products ⋅ Medical Equipment

Prescriptions Services

Whether your prescription is simple or complex, we’re here to help. We specialize in prior authorizations (PA’s), and will work with your insurance to make sure you get the best care.

Multiple Free Delivery Options

We make sure that you have access to your medications at home or on the road. Options include free door to door delivery within a 5 mile radius of our locations, delivery by courier, or planned mail delivery. Whichever works best for you, it’s FREE!

Caring and Compassionate Staff

At our pharmacies, you are treated like family. We strive to provide personalized service while maintaining our patients’ confidentiality.

Medical Equipment

We rent and sell durable medical equipment. Our team works diligently to provide you the equipment you need and will work with your insurance provider for coverage of expenses. We provide DME services for offsite facilities, board and care, home health, and nursing services.

Extensive Insurance Contacts

We accept Medi-Cal, ADAP, Medicare Part D, and all other major insurance plans, including Caloptima.

Insurance Gap Assistance

We can help if there is a lapse in insurance benefits, or when coverage is pending. Our staff understands that sometimes there is a need for some extra help during insurance transitions and renewals; we work hard to provide medication coverage during any transitional periods.

Collaborative Healthcare

We believe that working together with patients’ physicians, case managers, advocates, and family members is the best way to help our patients stay healthy. Once you let us know who is “on your team” we’re happy to work with them to make sure everyone is supporting your treatment program.

Pharmaceutical Consultations

Individual medication profiles and detailed medication and supplement assessments are done on site.

Insurance Authorizations Specialists

We work hard to obtain insurance coverage for new or specialty medications. This saves time for both you and your doctor and helps get you the medication you need without delay.

Specialty Compounding

Our pharmacists are trained to prepare specialty compounded medications to meet your needs. Services include sterile and non-sterile compounding in dermatologics, podiatry, hormone replacement, sports medicine, veterinary care, GI, urologics, obstetrics, ophthalmics, surgical, and pediatrics.

Specialty Care

Our pharmacists and staff are trained to give the best possible care to our patients. We offer specialty services for transitional care, mental health, HIV & AIDS, Hepatitis-C, long term care, senior care, hormone replacement therapy and more. For more information, visit our Specialty Care page.

Adherence Programs

Our treatment adherence programs are individually tailored to our patients because we understand every person has different needs. We offer many options for adherence including packing pill boxes, bubble packing, timers on pill bottles and more. We will work with you to make sure that your adherence program fits your personality and your lifestyle. For more information, visit our Adherence Solutions page.

Community Support

We value community involvement and support many awareness programs. Our community partners include ACTION, AIDS Walk, ASF, Delhi Center, and Shanti. For more information, visit our Education & Outreach page.